Trump Won, Now What?

Trump Won, Now What?

13 november 2016, 16:30 - 17:30

Locatie Boekhandel Dominicanen

And so Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America. This outcome of a long and dirty campaign has come as a surprise to many of us. Some think it a blessing – finally the silent majorities, all those who have missed out on the advantages of globalization, will be addressed. Others find it disastrous and don’t believe Trump is sincerely interested in protecting the neglected and the angry. Some think his victory shows the demise of democracy as we know it, to others it provides a challenge to rethink our democratic institutions. For some, Trump represents a threat to international diplomacy and security, to others his nationalism and protectionism opens up ways back to the cosy world of the 1950s.

In this public discussion, organized by debatcentrum Sphinx, we will address Trump’s victory: what does it mean for the world, and what does is it tell us about the (non)functioning of today’s democracies?

We invite everyone with an interest in these issues to come and join the conversation. The floor will be open to all voices and opinions.

Updates and more information will follow on this page.

Moderator: George Vogelaar
Language: English
Free entrance


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